“AQS” – here we come tomorrow!  A bunch of us are heading into Grand Rapids to spend the whole day at the AQS show.  We’re talking feet hurting, shoulders hurting from holding all those bags of purchases, and coming home exhausted.  But it’s going to be fun!

Well – it’s finished!  My latest pattern that will be sold through Cut Loose Press which is Checker Distributor’s pattern division.  This quilt is called “Autograph Quilt”.  It uses the Creative Grids “Hatchet Template” for charm fabric.  It’s so easy to make!

How fun to make this up for a family reunion, a baby shower, a graduation party, or any gathering where you’d love to have memories to keep and share?  I made my sample here in Kona’s Dots fabric line.  This is a photo that I took of my lap quilt because I can’t put the actual pattern picture on my blog per Cut Loose Press rules.  The patterns will be available any day now.



As written by Penny Haren:

“This is one of those products that has taken on a life of its own!  Once quilters got their hands on it, they discovered its versatility – and it has been flying off the shelves ever since!

A gallon treats approximately 20 – 24 yards of fabric.  Consider it a “super starch”.  When treated, the fabric holds its shape.  It stabilizes the fabric so fusibles are no longer necessary.  The treated fabric has additional body so appliques maintain their shapes and don’t fray.  Place with a dab of glue and stitch in place.  Terial Arts washes out so there is no bulk or stiffness usually associated with stabilizers!  Is that cool, or what!

Own a Cricut cutting machine, Silhouette cutting machine, or other fabric cutting machine?  By treating the fabric before running it through the machine, the fabric cuts are perfect with no fraying – and they release easily from the cuttingmat. Machine Embroider the shapes with no puckering or stiffness!

Want to create quilt labels on matching fabric?  Treat the fabric and run it through an ink jet printer.”

Terial Magic turns your single ply fabric into a workable medium, allowing you to create beautiful dimensional art. It’s fray resistant, easy to sew by machine or by hand, holds folds and pleats, gathers beautifully works well with hot glue gun and can be washed out of fabric later.  Get it at your local quilt store – it runs $14.95.

But for art quilters, this fabric can be manipulated into amazing shapes to create beautiful flowers!  This is a fabric kit with all products necessary to make these gorgeous flowers.

Couldn’t Resist!


My friend Janet urged me to consider buying this adorable Singer sewing machine two days ago from our good friend Louise.  She was having a garage sale and had four vintage sewing machines for sale.  Janet picked up a sweet Singer which is a soft green with cream accents.  Louise offered me a price I couldn’t refuse – $5!  What a sweetheart she is!  Louise knew I’d love this special gift!

This machine is a 99K and I’m still trying to find out what year she is.  I haven’t name her yet!  This Singer isn’t as small as the portable style that most quilting folks love to work with, but it’s not as large as the traditional vintage black Singer machines.  This machine is considered a 3/4 sewing machine!  Cute!  My iPad takes a bit of a grainy photo so she’s not quite as dull as she looks here.  I can’t wait to shine her up and get the motor attached.  Everyone knows I love shiny things!

Okay – just found out she was made on February 24, 1937!


Judi’s Wall Hanging

Isn’t this cute?!  Our friend at Wednesday quilting, Judi Brown, brought this fun wall hanging in for Show-and-Tell today.  I love the saying!  She saw the saying online and worked out the quilt designs around saying.  The saying and ladies in the center are machine embroidered.    “A recent study has found that women who carry a little extra weight live longer than do the men who mention it”!!


I finished this quilt for my mom’s roommate at the nursing home.  Her name is Polly and she takes good care of my mom.


Oh, aren’t these fun?  I came across these that are available in quilt stores – - light switch covers and outlet covers in quilt motifs!!

The covers are from Ackfeld Manufacturing and cost around $17.00.  These would be perfect for any sewing room.   Ackfeld Manufacturing is the company that makes those great quilt pedestals, quilt hangers, headers, rods, etc.


Both of the Free Mystery Block of the Month programs are now available for download.  Thank you for your patience waiting an extra couple of days for these.  I think you’ll enjoy the designs!

Churn Dash Delight

This is one of my quilt booklet designs called “Churn Dash Delight”, and is one of my best sellers on the Craftsy website.  I’ve been spending quite some time hand quilting my design.  I always have a few projects going at one time in different stages from each other, so it takes me a lot longer to hand quilt a design.  I’m also working very hard to perfect my stitches.

A couple years back I was treated to a one-on-one class with a wonderful Amish woman who did hand quilting for my store.  It was amazing to see how quickly she quilted, and how even her stitches were!  I was almost embarrassed to do any of my own stitching in front of her.  But her tips and guidance were such a gift to me.





I’ve posted about this company before, but I just have to share their beautiful quilting pin designs again.  The company is “Pin Peddlers”.  I discovered them at the Grand Rapids AQS show last year.   I received an email today showing a couple of their new charms, and spent a lot of time perusing all of their colorful quilting pins.  Couldn’t you go crazy collecting all of the quilt block pins?!  Here are just a few of them -

www.pinpeddlers.com – Carolina Lily,  Cathedral Window,  Bride’s Wreath,  Sunbonnet Sue,  and Double Wedding Ring.

CarolinaLilyNEWcolors2013.jpg      CathedralWindowpinModernColors    BridesWreathNewColors2012.jpg  345rsunbonnetsue.jpg  WeddingRingPINnewcolors.jpg

You can also purchase quilt block charms, pins that look like sewing machines, thread, sewing notions, and more!  You’ll find bracelets to put the charms on, necklaces, and charm holders.  I found a very pretty Penny Rug pin, a wool sampler pin, and . . . well, check out their site yourself!

And wouldn’t all of these pins look adorable on the “Pin/Button Display” pattern that I sell?  I’m thinking that I need to revamp my pattern and make it bigger, or longer, to accommodate all the pins I plan to purchase!

Pin_Button Photo

August BOM

Hello everyone, August’s Free Block of the Month designs will not be available for download until Sunday evening.  As I mentioned in a previous post, life has been a little off-kilter this past week and we’re playing catch-up!  I apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.  Barb